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Hello, I have just started my first read-through of the rules and I'm loving it so far. Thanks for your hard work on this! 

I was planning to use Roll20 with my group, but it looks like the character sheets are an earlier version. Do you have any plans to update the Roll20 documents to v1.4? 

If you're open to some additional suggestions ... the light blue text in the chat, which shows the results of resistance rolls, is hard too see against the grey background. Would you consider using another color instead of that? (My apologies in advance if that's something that I can change on my own.)

Thanks again!


Hi! Thanks for pointing that out. Sheets are currently at V1.3 of the book (sheets and book has different version numbers because they do not change in sync). Only change in book V1.4 is a renaming of a special abilitiy in the The Law playbook. I will do that asap and let you know.  Same for light blue color: I will change that asap to something with more contrast.

New sheets are live now!


Hi, have loved reading through the game. I had a quick question and wasn't sure where else to ask.

"To use the artifact it must first be bound to the PC (his/her soul, maybe?). To bound it, pay the quality level of the artifact in Grit (may be resisted using Guts). Artifacts already owned at the beginning of the game are bounded to the PC for free."

Does this mean permanently losing Grit (resisted) or is there no reason to resist unless the Quality is particularly high?


Here is a good place to ask questions or over at the Blades in the Dark forum. So, thanks for asking and no the paid Grit was not meant to be permanent but a one-off payment. I hope for a good scene when the PCs is bounded the artifact (or the other way around). Maybe the PCs does not choose the moment for the bounding but the artifact does or the former owner dies in combat and you have this one chance to snatch this Hellstone gun before some else does.  If you don't have enough Grit left or you just don't want to accept a Stigmata you may choose to resist. BTW if you resist or not does mean something storywise, right? Open arms acception or another burden, it may establish a starting ground for this PC/artifact relationsship. Everything is a good story or questions to the players or a cool scene.


Admittedly, I only ran this game when is was in an early beta/playtesting format. That said, I ran a year-long Fistful of Darkness game that was easily the best game I've ever GMed. Truly a blast.


great game, definitely worth the price tag if this is your sort of thing


This is a beautiful game.  The "end times" theme flows throughout the game and the playbooks, special abilities, and world building are incredibly evocative of weird wild west.